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Profiles & forecasts creates an in-depth analysis of a person's numerology, with well-written delineations for all of the major & minor numerological factors such as your expression & minor expression numbers, your cornerstone, the four planes of expression , your four challenges & pinnacles, & many many more. it also includes your physical, mental, & spiritual transits for several years, & also delineations for several of your personal years, months, & days. i feel like calling this incredibly comprehensive report, "everything you wanted to know about your numerology."

The one thing about numerology is that it is easy to understand. Numbers are the main point in time. So when you were born you were stamp, that is correct on your birthday someone stamped you and inserted you into a database and cataloged,or you were stamp on a spot on this planet. On that spot everything in the universe was automatically programmed into you. That would have been the alignment of the planets, the solar systems, where the moon was in proportion to Earth. The chart that is created uses only numbers. For instance each letter in your name corresponds to a number. Those numbers are added together & then Numerology does the rest. You can buy a book that will show you how you can take your birthday and full name and do the calculation but it will take probably a few months to understand the book & a few more months to see if the calculation was done correctly. The other way to get your numerology chart report is to go to the bottom of this page & order it & within 24 hours you will receive your report. Remember that we have two types of numerology report, one is basic & the other is the full chart report.

Bidthday's are great and Numerology would give a magnificent birthday gift to anyone.

What will you receive when you order your Chart Analysis?

The full chart will cover these topics:
life path, birthday, expression , minor expression , heart's desire, minor heart's desire, personality, maturity, l/e bridge, h/p bridge, karmic lessons, hidden passion, planes of expression , plane of expression physical, plane of expression mental, plane of expression , emotional, plane of expression intuitive, balance, rational thought, cornerstone, subconscious self, challenges, pinnacles, cycles, transits, the physical transit, the mental transit, the spiritual, ransit, essence, personal years, personal months, personal days.
You will receive approximately 70 pages of information.

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